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Our Zombies are sexable by beak and shank color at hatch. Price increases $1/week. Minimum purchase is 3 chicks of the same age group per order and can be mixed across breeds.


Background: A Zombie is a cross between an Ayam Cemani cockbird and a White Leghorn hen. With this exact combination, we get chicks that inherit sex-linked physical characteristics, which means we can tell the difference between males and females at the time of hatch. Great news for those of you that don't want to risk getting a rooster!


Description: Zombie pullet hatchlings have a faint blue tinted beak, comb and legs. Tint may or may not extend to the toes. Color expression in the skin, beak, and legs increases with age, reaching full expression at about 20 weeks. Adult Zombie hens have ashen gray beaks, combs, wattles, legs and skin. The plumage is largely white, with random black or grey patches. The dark skin is the result of fibromelanism, a trait inherited from their Ayam Cemani sire.


Egg Production: The parent breeds of our Zombies begin laying between 18 and 22 weeks. We are estimating the Zombies to begin laying somewhere in the middle - say 20 weeks - on average. They should lay large white or barely cream tinted eggs. Our Leghorn hens rarely take a day off from laying, and our Ayam Cemanis are above average layers for their breed. We expect these Zombies may lay 5 eggs per week.


Temperament: The Leghorn chicken is considered one of the most intelligent chicken breeds. Personally, I would challenge that and say the Ayam Cemani tops them. Put those two breeds together, and you have an extremely intelligent, curious, energetic, fiercely independent little bird. Leghorns are not known to be lap chickens, but the Ayam Cemani personality seems to be tempering this in our Zombies. Our Cemani's are extremely demanding of attention, so it comes as no surprise when our 4 week old Zombies are flying waist high to try to climb on us. I should mention that these Zombies are exceptionally good flyers!

Zombie Chicken pullet

PriceFrom $12.00
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